Home Inspection Confusion

Home Inspection Misconceptions

With the increasing popularity of home inspections, today, most homes have undergone one prior to buying or selling. The purpose of the inspection is to inform the potential buyer of the actual condition of the home. This allows them to make educated decisions regarding the property. Even though home inspections are so common, there are still several misconceptions surrounding them.

Some people believe that home inspections are done so that the buyer can bargain for a lower price. The major purpose of an inspection is to alert the buyer of any significant situations that may have an adverse effect on the structural integrity of the home and any safety issues that this would cause especially ones that were omitted by the seller on the disclosure statement. If such items are discovered, then it is OK to use the inspection results to renegotiate the pricing of the property. The home inspection is not used to point out all the cosmetic imperfections of the property and in most cases; this type of thing is not even included in the report given by the inspector. You do not want to nit pick over the small stuff.

Often times, it is thought that only “used homes” require an inspection. Nothing could be farther form the truth. It is just as important to get a new home inspected as it is a used one. With new homes, there are many players in the game, subcontractors that perform their own specialized field of work. Unfortunately, not all contractors can be trusted to do everything according to code and sometimes eliminate or take short cuts in order to trim costs. There are many stipulations and contracts that come into play at closing time regarding the purchase of a new home and if your inspection isn’t done in a timely manner prior to closing, you could be putting yourself in a situation that is very problematic.

Contrary to popular belief, not all home inspections are created equal! It is so very important to have your Sacramento inspection done by a reputable, experienced inspector, one that has been thoroughly trained and knows what to look for. They should be familiar with the guidelines and procedures that are to be followed in your area. Be sure to check their credentials prior to hiring them and don’t be afraid to ask for references and most importantly, check those references out.

Even though you have had another type of inspection done such as a pest inspection, code inspection or even an appraisal, don’t think that you are in good shape. These types of inspection do not take the place of a comprehensive home inspection. Each home inspection is followed up with a written report detailing all the findings of the inspection along with diagrams and sometime pictures of the issues found. This way you can see exactly what they are talking about. So, put your mind at ease and get a trained inspector to conduct your Sacramento inspection before you decide to buy.